Building a network of reliable, entrusted and genuine people is an amazing part of growing a business. Anyone who feels they can do it all themselves is a fool. We all need help and partnerships in business. It is with great pleasure that I not only endorse those that I have great value for, but work with on a daily basis. We can all grow together in business and learn from one another. My goal is to spread the wealth and pay it forward.

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One of the most widely recognized and distributed visitor maps around the world. The popular 3D concierge and brochure maps have been serving cities in Canada for 20 years. With custom designed city maps in Canada, UK, and Africa, this company helps get their clients noticed. Mobimaps reach millions of visitors on an annual basis and continue to grow bigger and bigger with each passing year.


exp_300Experience Magazine is a local guide in Victoria that features some of the hottest places to eat, shop, dine and play at. If you're looking for a great experience in Victoria, grab a copy of this magazine.



the bread magazine is first "for us, by us" publication dedicated the betterment and connectivity of the hospitality industry.




Populist is hottest visual city guide that connects people to places, events and brands that they've yet to discover.



Kits Ping Pong Social Club

Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club is a weekly event held at The Billy Bishop Legion in Kitsilano on Thursday and Sunday evening.
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An annual sport festival held in August at Kits Beach that promotes active living and healthy lifestyle