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JerBaum is your source for everything web design, development and content related. As a web consultant, Jer will help you get your customized website, social media and/or applications ready for launch. Aside from the services provided, Jer's primary objective is to connect you to his network of valued accounts, friends and "pieces" of his life. Together we can all benefit from the reliable referrals Jer has to offer.


The Missing Piece

Ever work on something for so long only to be faced with a challenge or obstacle that makes you frustrated or confused? Too often at times we face those puzzling challenges that keep us from moving on to the next step. Everyone can always use a helping hand in finding that missing piece from the solution. My passion in life is helping people find that piece. By contacting me as your web consultant, I take the time to find out what you need and how I can be of service. Through our collaborative efforts we can make your product or service be a recognizable brand.